Vinyl is the perfect way to improve your home’s exterior for selling and/or long-term durability. Both its durability and longevity increase the resale value instantly and with less of an investment, as it’s a more economical option as a siding material. Over the last ten years, it’s become one of the more popular options for builders as a result of advances made in its manufacturing and production. The advancements have contributed to vinyl being used in historic home renovations, because of its now wide selection of period colours, architectural details and it being low maintenance.

Why Vinyl Siding

When choosing vinyl siding, there are many factors that contribute to its overall popularity. It has a diversity in its aesthetic appeal with a wide selection of siding profiles, colours, textures, and architectural trim. You can now effectively choose a vinyl to mimic the look of architectural accents like wood, stone and slate, while not having to dig too deep in your pocket.

Vinyl siding ranks one of the best home improvement projects for recouping costs at the time of resale, and it has the lowest life-cycle cost over the life span of your home. If cost is a factor in your decision, vinyl is one of the better options, while still having wide range of popular colours and styles.

Vinyl siding is also a green option and outperforms most brick or cladding for environmental and economic performance. It’s easy to clean and its installation process is simple. This, accompanied with its beauty, sustainability and versatility, makes choosing vinyl an easy choice.

Our Experts

When you sit down with one of our siding experts, you will be educated on the various options from an aesthetic perspective as well as taken through information on its advantages such as durability and sustainability. As a result of our Canadian climate and its temperament, it’s important to consider a material like vinyl, which is able to withstand wind velocities of more than 200 mph, easily resists heat, cold and moisture.

Mitten Vinyl Siding at Turkstra Lumber